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send an email to

we aim to respond to all applications within 48 hours

your email application to us must include as many of the following details as possible

All bands are collectively paid 100% of the door money, 100% of their merch sales and an additional 10% of the bar take

The name of the artist


Contact name, email, and phone number


Availability, when you are looking at playing The Den


Your set up; how many members and instruments?


Artist website as well as any other media links you'd like to share


Your projected audience. How many people do you think you will bring with you to the venue


Your location, or where you will be travelling from to play the gig


What venues have you played in the past?


If you have an EPK then leave us a link or attach it to the email. If not then write us a short bio.


(Alternatively, you can use this form below to send your email to us directly)

We provide a green room and ample rider for all of our artists, and encourage each act to sign our wall and post any stickers in the venue, to join the live music legacy that we are building in Bath.

Bands who play with us will also become part of a tailored marketing campaign promoting the gig and their act, behind the bar, on the street, and on the internet.

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